Lower Body Fat Naturally Through Balanced Diet

A large percentage of adults all over the world suffer from cardiovascular diseases or heart related diseases often caused by high fat levels.

 Especially in our world of highly processed and artificial foods, stressful lifestyle and commercial food supplements, people sometimes overlook some of the things that are important to have good overall health and well being.
Many turn to drugs and prescription medication, but these often have side effects. It's a good thing there are natural alternatives that could lower body fat without the use of prescription medications.

We can lower body fat naturally by maintaining a daily well prepared, balanced diet. There are certain foods that have been approved for regulating and managing fat levels.

 These foods are natural foods free from harmful fats and rich in heart friendly nutrients that can help lower fat levels and improve health without harmful side effects. It is then just a matter of knowing about these foods and adding them to your daily meals while following the guidelines for a balanced diet and familiarizing yourself with the food pyramid.

Oats and whole grains are great sources of body fat lowering nutrients such as soluble fiber. It is notable however that there are two types of fibers, the soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fibers are parts of plants that cannot be absorbed by the body but they are good in regulating bowel movements. Soluble fiber on the other hand is the more useful type.

 It becomes gel - like when mixed with water and they are natural fat reducing agents. Don't get the wrong idea since some bread and cereals are wheat fiber based and doesn't have any effect on fat reduction. It is therefore important to be familiar with those that contain good amount of soluble fiber since it tends to be confusing. Aside from oat bran and whole grains, soluble fiber is found in apple, citrus fruits, beans, and whole oat flour.

Nuts are rich with mono unsaturated oils and together with its fiber contents yield fat - reducing effect. Not all nuts however are good since some of them are very high in fat and may not be as beneficial like cashew, macadamias and Brazil nuts. Good examples include walnuts which are also good sources of omega 3 fatty acids, almonds, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, pine nuts, and hazel nuts.

Spreads, salad dressings, orange juice, and margarines that fortified with plant sterols and stanols are all good for the heart.

Soy based products such tofu have double purpose. Aside from providing fat reducing nutrients, they serve as substitute for meat as sources of proteins.

Some other foods are widely recognized aside from the ones mentioned. These are just some that you can at least add to your daily meal. Of course, lowering body fat naturally doesn't happen overnight. Simply adding them doesn't do the miracle, it is still necessary to maintain a low fat diet, exercise and a healthy physically active daily routine while avoiding some vices such as smoking and alcoholic drinks.
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